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Our expert team of party wall surveyors brings years of experience and a proactive approach to monitor and manage every aspect of the construction next to you. We’re here to protect your rights and your property, giving you complete peace of mind. Trust us to handle the details, so you can enjoy your home without worry.

  • We Will Respond To Any Party Wall Notices You Have Received.
  • Full Inspection Of Your Property and Schedule of Conditions Report.
  • Ensuring Your Neighbours Compliance With Party Wall etc. Act 1996 At All Times.
  • Serving Party Wall Award, Ensuring Party Wall Agreement Is In Place.
  • Follow Up Inspection Upon Completion Of Building Works If Required.

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Party Wall Surveyor Who Pays

Is your neighbour planning construction work on their home? Whether you've received a Party Wall Notice or not, we're here to help.

At Surv London, we ensure your property and peace of mind are protected throughout the building process.

Our Party Wall Surveying Services For Adjoining Owners

Defend Your Rights with Rapid Notice Response

Protect Your Legal Rights and Ensure Fair Play

When you receive a Party Wall Notice from a neighbor planning construction, quick and precise action is essential.

Surv London responds swiftly to any notices you receive, making sure your legal rights are upheld and your interests are clearly communicated.

Our approach not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also sets the stage for fair and balanced negotiations.

Lock In Your Home's
Safety Before Construction Starts

Secure Your Property’s Integrity Before Construction Begins

Before your neighbour starts their building project, Surv London conducts a comprehensive inspection of your property.

Our detailed written and photographic Schedule of Conditions Report provides a baseline that is crucial for detecting any changes caused by construction work.

This proactive step prevents disputes and strengthens your position should any damage occur.

Ensure Fair Play with a Binding
Party Wall Agreement

Maintain Peace and Structure Throughout the Construction Process

The Party Wall Award solidifies the construction terms agreed upon by you and your neighbour.

Surv London meticulously prepares, serves, and enforces this vital agreement, making sure all parties stick to the rules.

This oversight keeps your project orderly and your home protected, minimizing disruptions and preventing disputes.

Feeling Anxious About Construction Next Door?

Is the thought of your neighbor's upcoming construction project causing you sleepless nights? Concerns about noise, dust, and potential damage to your property can make anyone uneasy. But you don't have to face these worries alone.

Kev Miller is a qualified Party Wall Surveyor who serves Rayleigh in Essex

Meet Kev Miller

Your Expert in Protecting Peace and Property

With over 30 years of expertise in architecture and party wall surveying, Kev Miller understands exactly what’s at stake when construction rolls in next door. Having seen it all—from minor renovations to major overhauls—Kev knows the ins and outs of keeping your home safe and your life uninterrupted. His work has not only safeguarded properties but has also been spotlighted on Channel 4 Home Improvement Shows for its excellence and impact.

At Surv Essex, Kev Miller leads a team dedicated to upholding your rights and protecting your property. Here’s how we make sure you remain the hero of your own peaceful home story:

  • Thorough Pre-Construction Inspections: Before a single tool is lifted, we document the current state of your property with a detailed written and photographic Schedule of Conditions Report. This ensures any change, no matter how small, is noted.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Advocacy: From the first day of construction to the last, we’re your eyes and ears on the ground. We monitor the work closely, addressing potential issues like noise, dust, and disruptions, ensuring your daily life goes on undisturbed.

  • Ensuring Adherence to Agreements: With a Party Wall Award, we set clear, legally binding conditions to manage how construction affects both properties. We guarantee that these terms are followed to the letter, protecting your interests throughout the building process.

Secure Your Sanctuary with Surv London

Don’t let worry over your neighbour’s construction plans weigh you down.

With Kev Miller and Surv Essex, you have a champion who will fiercely protect your property and your peace.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and take the first step toward stress-free living next door to a construction site.

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Suzy McClintock
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Kevin and his team were extremely helpful and professional, gave detailed explanations of what was going on at each point in the process and ultimately completed the award to our satisfaction. They were also very respectful of our neighbour and gave good advice in terms of what we did and didn't need to agree to while still maintaining good relations.
Suzy McClintock
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Kevin and his team were extremely helpful and professional, gave detailed explanations of what was going on at each point in the process and ultimately completed the award to our satisfaction. They were also very respectful of our neighbour and gave good advice in terms of what we did and didn't need to agree to while still maintaining good relations.
Via TrustPilot
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I came across this company after a google search and it does exactly what it says on the tin, fixed price and very professional. Communication was excellent and they kept me updated all the time. I would definitely recommend this company for any party wall agreement work .
Joseph Ajayi
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Kevin and his team at fixedpricepartywall are very affordable and stuck with the original price that they quoted from the beginning. I highly recommend that you use this service
Ian Grover
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Excellent service and value for money.
Olajumoke Johnson
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Fixed price party wall were very helpful and professional. They provided a great service at a great price. I would recommend them for whoever needs this service.

Party Wall Surveyor Who Pays?

Who Pays the Party Wall Surveyor’s Fees? Understanding the Building Owner’s Responsibilities

When undertaking construction work that involves a party wall or boundary, one common question arises: Who pays for the party wall surveyor’s fees? This article provides a detailed explanation of the financial responsibilities tied to the engagement of a party wall surveyor, particularly highlighting the role of the building owner in bearing these costs.

Introduction to Party Wall Agreements

Before delving into who pays the surveyor’s fees, it’s important to understand what a party wall agreement entails. Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 in the UK, a party wall agreement is necessary when two adjoining properties share a wall or boundary, and one property owner wishes to undertake work that could affect the structural support or integrity of the shared wall. This agreement ensures that all parties protect their property and legal rights.

The Role of a Party Wall Surveyor

A party wall surveyor’s role is to ensure that all proposed works are lawful and that the rights of all parties are protected throughout the construction process. The surveyor drafts a party wall award that outlines the manner in which the works should proceed, notes conditions before the work starts, and often checks the work as it progresses to ensure compliance.

Financial Responsibility for Party Wall Surveyor’s Fees

Building Owner’s Obligation

The primary responsibility for covering the costs of a party wall surveyor falls to the building owner who initiates the work. This is because the building owner is the party seeking to alter the status quo by carrying out building works that could potentially affect the adjoining owner’s property.

Why the Building Owner Pays

  1. Initiation of Work: The building owner is typically the one who plans and initiates the construction or modification work. Since these actions trigger the need for a party wall surveyor, it is fitting that the initiator of such changes covers the costs.

  2. Protection of Neighboring Properties: The surveyor’s work primarily protects the structural integrity of the neighboring properties during the construction. It is in the interest of the building owner to ensure that their project does not negatively impact adjacent buildings, potentially leading to legal disputes or damage claims.

  3. Legal Compliance: Hiring a party wall surveyor helps the building owner comply with legal requirements, which can prevent costly penalties and delays. The cost of the surveyor can be seen as an essential expenditure to fulfill these legal obligations.

Exceptions and Considerations

While the building owner generally bears the surveyor’s fees, there are exceptions and additional considerations:

  1. Agreement Between Parties: If both owners agree, they can decide to share the costs or arrange for the adjoining owner to pay if they request additional works or assurances beyond what the building owner has proposed.

  2. Multiple Adjoining Owners: If several adjoining owners are affected, the building owner may need to pay for additional surveyors if each neighbor appoints their own surveyor.

  3. Dispute Resolution: In cases where disputes arise, additional costs may be incurred. These are generally covered by the party proven to be at fault if it differs from the original agreement.


Understanding who pays for party wall surveyor’s fees is crucial for anyone planning to undertake construction involving shared walls or boundaries. The building owner, as the initiator of the work, is typically responsible for these costs. This arrangement ensures that the project adheres to legal standards and minimizes the risk of damage to adjoining properties, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.

By being aware of these responsibilities, building owners can better plan for the financial aspects of their construction projects, leading to smoother execution and fostering good relationships with neighbors.